Marvin Musquin Grabs His First-Overall Victory at Southwick National

SOUTHWICK, MASS (July 30, 2018) – Marvin Musquin grabbed his first-overall podium finish with a solid 2-1 effort in the sands of The Wick 338. Round 7 was already challenging with its sandy track conditions and punishing heat.

Musquin started out his day with the fastest qualifying time and lined up for Moto 1 feeling confident. With a third-place start Musquin charged for the front and won the battle for the top spot on lap six where he held the lead until two laps to go, when Eli Tomac finally made the pass. Not willing to give up the lead without a fight Musquin made a final charge to reclaim the lead but unfortunately went down while taking an outside line during the last lap. He was able to maintain his second-place position by the checkered flag.

In Moto 2, Musquin had the early lead but was passed by Tomac on lap two. Musquin kept Tomac within striking distant and after a couple of big mistakes made by Tomac, Musquin took full advantage and put himself back into the lead. Musquin held his position till the end of the moto for his first-overall victory of the season.


Musquin: “It’s not always the fastest guy that wins the race and we saw it today. It was really demanding and tough out there, and physically it was rough and hot. In the first moto, I was leading a few laps and it was awesome but when you know Eli is behind you it’s not easy, but I kept pushing. He finally got me at the end and I was going to give a fight back but unfortunately, I went down. Second moto, I got a good start but it was hard for me to push super hard in the first few laps, my intensity wasn’t quite there and Eli was gone. But then, at the end of the day, he made mistakes and I was able to capitalize on that and stay consistent, stay on two wheels and ride to the finish.”